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Whenever we talk about school management software or School ERP, most of the time people consider school management software more-less only for reporting purposes. A school required management software catering to the school’s needs and requirements. A school management software that is automated and helping individuals to increase their efficiency, saving their time.

 Currently, in today’s scenarios, the schools are using software that helps them with their day-to-day operations. However, complete software should be fully functional to provide you the details to enhance the productivity of various departments of the school which can help them in planning as well as optimized resource utilization. 

 Why School Management Software? 

Live Smart School believes in delivering your school management software your way along with a customized school mobile app. This is the best school management software to monitor all school-related administrative processes. There are many reasons which make Live Smart School School Software the Best School Management Software. Among many, the foremost thing to consider is its hosting. This software is hosted on popular and efficient AWS (Amazon Web Services), 
which is a comprehensive and evolving cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. This not only contributes to the scalability of the software but also robustness, which helps this Online Integrated School Management Information System to carry out and keep track of all the school-related processes from fee management to attendance, each and everything in an efficient way.
 We also came up with numerous modules ensuring better School management. This robust software allows the parent to track the student from the time he/she left for school till time reaches home safely; ensuring complete safety along with Android-based GPS tracking of the vehicles. Let us discuss more eminent features of Live Smart School School Management Software and more about the various portal benefits that could be prevailed using this reliable software.
 What is School Management Software? 
The software designed for digitally monitoring and carrying out various school daily operations on a single platform is basically the school management software. From keeping the track of students to all staff members everything is possible using reliable school management software. With complex daily processes of school there comes huge data along. Using smart school software for management not only reduces the pressure of various administrative processes but also tends to pace the progression rate. Apart from this, there are many aspects that rely on the management process including admission, communication student attendance, fees management, and payroll management that could be carried ahead forward hassle-freely using smart software for school. Now the question arises that there are many management solutions available in the market, but Live Smart School school software is most valued among the rest. This is the reason we are currently serving 500+ happy clients.

 Live Smart School's Benefits To:
  • To Students
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