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 Live Smart School (School Management System software) helps to manage the day-to-day activities, including administrative, teaching, curriculum management, student attendance student information, fee record management, homework management, Live Class, etc. 
  •   Let us discuss more eminent features of Live Smart School and more about the various benefits that could be prevailed using this reliable software.

How does School ERP Software help?

With a School management ERP system in place, schools will be able to upgrade the planning and management of various processes like enrollment, records, teaching sessions, homework distribution and check, library, assessment, etc. 

As the Indian education system has been relying on age-old classroom teaching conventions with minimum technology involvement, School management ERP Software have emerged as the game-changer- empowering the school owners, teachers and upgrading the campus like never before. And in times of crisis, these systems have been instrumental in ensuring that our next generation's learning remains unhindered. 

Empowering the new age teaching institutions

School management ERP systems help school administrations. Let’s see how… 

  • Every child's modules and records can be easily maintained and access to avoid any errors.
  • A user-friendly and easy-to-manage interface that allows better management of records and files without much manual involvement. 
  • Centralized data management with easy access from a remote system. 
  • High level of security for all student and school records. 
  • Less dependence on people, improving turnaround time and processes. 

Not just school administration, even teachers benefit immensely from the School ERP Software - 

  • Management of student assessments can be automated and made more efficient. 
  • One of the most basic and time taking processes, attendance management gets automated. 
  • Teachers have easy access to student's attendance and academic records to better track a child's progress. 
  • Teachers can connect and interact with the parents more effectively. 
  • Management of lecture plans, timetables, and assessments becomes easier.

Apart from benefits imparted to administration and teachers, parents too can reap the benefits from the School ERP Software- 

  • Get regular updates about the child's academic progress and assessment reports. 
  • Access to the child's attendance reports.
  • Get fee records and reminders.
  • Active participation in school activities and parent-teacher discussions. 
  • Updates on school events, holidays, and processes. 

Students are also able to bypass several manual processes - 

  • Easy access to assessment results, academic progress reports, etc. 
  • Access to attendance records and lecture plans from teachers. 
  • Better interactions with teachers and HODs
  • Leverage flexible and convenient learning. 
  • Easy access to the learning material such as notes, e-books, lecture videos, etc. 

Lastly, the school management too can benefit by leveraging the power and functionalities of School ERP Software - 

A single point/management dashboard to check all reports from all departments. 

  • Regular updates of students/teachers and administrative departments. 
  • Switch to different modes to ensure efficient management of the school. 
  • Save cost by investing in one software that can handle all major tasks. 
  • Automation of all major manual tasks to save time and improve the overall functioning of departments. 
  • Get a better Return on Investment. 

The introduction of technology in the 'age-old' teaching systems has disrupted the way schools have been handling their operations. Not only the management of campus and departments but even the remote/online learning processes have also been significantly improved with the help of School ERP systems. 

How is Live Smart School's ERP Software empowering schools today?

Live Smart School's  ERP system has been helping thousands of schools across the country in their day-to-day management. Not only has the monitoring of student performance at a school level become easier, but it has also helped make the processes more streamlined across various departments. With Live Smart School's Nucleus Academic system, the school administration can easily allocate teachers, manage lectures, assessments, add/remove subjects and manage learning resources Using this School ERP Software.

With the help of Live Smart Schoolprincipals can access Digital Content (Video & Audio), E-Books, Digital Assessments, Home Practice, Unit Progress, Student Performance Reports, etc. 

Live Smart School's ERP system empowers all stakeholders and provides them with cutting-edge resources and technology to manage their respective processes efficiently. Teachers are equipped with a teacher tablet that stores learning material such as lesson plans, AV resources, etc. Teachers are also provided with a school excellence kit that contains all online and physical learning resources required to teach according to the lesson plans in the tablet provided to them. 

With Live Smart School and Academic system, school management gets access to a robust platform that allows them to monitor each child's performance, access daily reports, plan and implement curriculums/lecture plans, view learning resources, interact with parents and teachers regularly, etc. They even can switch between online/offline/hybrid modes of learning according to suitability. 

Parents and students are provided with a Parent App that provides them with all the information and the updates such as marks, attendance, homework, online test,  unit progress, and class pictures. At present, Live Smart School is offering solutions that enable students to attend live classes, do quizzes, ask doubts, and interact with teachers/peers from the comfort of their homes.